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 I don't understand completely about how this works, so if I'm not doing it right, note me.

Okay, so I'll make a poem that follows your subject for 10 pts. You can be as spacific as you want to be or just tell me a word you want it to center around and you can tell me if you want it to be short or long. One thing, it has to be free verse or an ode, I can't do anything else and still look at it with satisfaction.


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Sapphy Heart
United States
I love the country and would go back if I had the chance. Now I spend my time writing, reading and drawing. I am nice to you if your nice to me unless I belive you have malicious intent.

I'd like to take note that if I fav your work and you post a thank you, my reply is no problem, if I'm faving your work that means that it's beautiful and no thanks are required. It's just Really akward when I reply MONTHS later to a comment you probrably don't even remember. I wish I could do what I used to do and go through everyone who comments favs and watches gallery's but sadly I'm so busy nowadays and I have to do everything on my temperamental computer, it's REALLY unreliable, I feel like dirt because my group has been neglected and my stories are on indefinite hiatus because of it.

Ethier way I Love You All and Goodluck at dodging the curve balls life throws your way.

I am now online at Wattpad for my stories (It's easier than DA), I'm still useing an alias but it's Anouska Byrd not Sapphy Heart, and my username is still chainedheart977. Check it out and tell me what you think!
I can't even tell you the pride I feel every time someone favorites a work of mine. I just want to say thank you for such a big thing in a big way. :D

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Age will ruin us
because we will grow to experience pain and hate,
we will begin to wonder
if the good outweighs the bad.

The darkness will creep into our souls
and we will hide it away to "protect" ourselves
The darkness will fester,
become infected,
and spread veins of pain throughout our mind,
to our body,
and permeate our soul.

The tar we carry in our hearts will continue to take over
and we will become sickly;
our mind will cloud,
we will become cynical and jaded

We will die with regrets
we will die with unanswered questions
we will die with "what if"s
we may even die by our own hands.

We will die with darkness inside us.

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Suicide by flames,
People are still in here,
They’ll die too,
Others will miss me,
Stompping out the flames,

It’s silent,
The thoughts creep up to fill up the absence,
Burrowing under your skin,
Into your mind,
Your heart,
Your soul,
You light the match once more,

Your eyes are lit with the heated glow of fire,
The inferno burns before you,
And so does the desperation,

The first licks of pain,
Touch your skin,



But it less hurtful on the outside,
Than in your mind,

Your body is consumed,
Your house is gone,
Your life is extinguished,
Your family burned with you,
Your friends weep for you,

Your depression laughs victoriously.
I look around,
Doing a sweep,
Just as I always do,

My eyes stop,
The view before me,
Sends a ping into my heart,
Her smile is too bright,
To artificial,
She hurts,

I gravitate,
Towards this broken and scared girl,
Towards my kin,
Our pain is shared,

She flashes a smile,
Bounces on her heels,
And greets me,

My breath is stolen from me,
As my goal in life becomes clear,
Make her laugh and smile,
Without depression hiding in her eyes,

My pain dissipated,
As I fought to make her laugh,
And when she did,
I genuinely laughed too.
Every single day,
Is a walk through hell,
Every single walk,
Leaves damaged foot prints on the soul,

Desperate for contact,
But terrified to lower the shield,
I walk an isolated path,

My memories,
My mind,
My footsteps,

I walk continuously,
Following a dreary routine,

Clear in my thoughts,
I walk,
Broken and scared,
With pain burrowed deep in my soul.

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As the skeleton claw reaches out,
She fights to scream,
To move,

She hopelessly losses,
When the chill turns bone deep,
Much like the hand,
That rested its bony fingers,
Over her heart,

And stole her soul.


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